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About Unicorns Forever

Unicorns Forever was inspired by 2 very, very small, crazy gnomes. They lived with their mother and father deep in a mountain star stream. Their father (a very powerful computer program website wizard) saw the magic deep inside their heads. One day he decided to get that magic out and onto paper. To do this he used textas, very powerful computers and the newest computer programs. He saw the power of these magic diagrams and decided that there was only one place for these to go… on cute little T-shirts.

2 very, very small gnomes
Lazy, young, swamp-dwelling mini-troll

Many millions of gnome years later the kind wizard asked his young, lazy cousin, a swamp-dwelling mini-troll, to help him with the business. Though the mini-troll had no real training and worshiped the clear flat, reflective wishing pools that all young mini-trolls do, the wizard was kind and knew he could train the troll to become a valuable member of the team. The kindness of the wizard was rewarded. Over time the mini-troll came up with many fabulous ideas for new products and tools for customer engagement. The mini-troll delivered these products with speed and efficiency never before seen from a mini-troll and thus, the business flourished.

As the artwork for the company is formed deep inside the brains of two very strange yet pure creatures it is very powerful. It heals sore knees, makes people smile, keeps the tea in tea parties flowing and brings fairies to your garden. It is also highly original, totally magic, unisex and above all FUN.

Powerful computer program website wizard